Friday, October 22, 2010

Final Thoughts

Its funny how I'm back in Pittsburg, in the middle of college, and just NOW getting around to writing some final thoughts.

When I got back from Spain, I had about a month in Oxford before I headed back to stateside. I am trying to figure out why i didn't blog about that time and the only explanation i
can come up with is, it felt like i was going back home. I suppose in my mind, Oxford was home and not like nothing exciting happens at home, but I didn't feel the need to blog about it. Or
maybe, the fact that i was leaving my 'home' and going back to my 'home home' was setting in, and i didn't want to actually write it out. (I'm sure this rambling only makes sense to me. My apologizes for anyone who dares to read this)

Many great things happened in that last month though that I regret not mentioning until now.

After everyone was back from their tracks, we had two
weeks of KBC left. The first week was lectures on how to leave well, how to integrate back into the 'old' places yet still be the 'transformed' person you are, and how to keep fresh in God always learning and never settling. The last week was filled with testimonies, emotions, and graduation

Here are a few highlights from the last week as a year group:

The last week was filled with emotions. People were crying almost everyday. I had managed to not cry, until we all started singing under this silly tent. KBC made us to many things i thought were kind of silly, and when we all crowded under this tent, i thought the same thing. But when i heard the choir of voices, voices i'd never hear singing together again, i lost it. It was such a memorable moment.

Everyone had a chance to share a little of what God had done in them through the course of the year. This is Nigel, sharing what great things God had restored in him.

We burnt pieces of paper with things written on them that we wouldn't miss, like walking 45 minutes into college everyday.......
A beautiful sunset caught on the way home from Rachel's house.
Rachel and I at the pub.

Another amazing thing that happened is I managed to graduate!! Here are a few picture of the graduation ceremony. What was so great for me was that my parents were able to make it and the Richards were there for me too. It meant so much to me to have people I cared about make the long journey to come see me graduate. Thank you mom and dad!


Testimonies from the North Africa/Third Placement Group.

Andrew Clark receiving his certificate from Steve Thomas and Simon Shaw

Thomas Hext receiving his certificate.

Georgina Clark sharing her testimony of the year.

Before graduation, KBCTC had a banquet for all the students, staff, and lecturers. It was a fun time to get all dressed up, say thank you to all the staff that had poured into us that year, and enjoy a lovely
evening together.

Enjoy a few pictures:
Year Group 2009-2010
30 Pinnocks
Not all of them, but a few of my favorite girls.
Thomas and myself
Emmaus Group.

Another fantastic thing that happened in that last month, was my parents came to visit! This was a great time for me and them. They were able to meet people I had just shared the last year of my life with and were able to travel and see new sights. I enjoyed having them there, even if my dad's snoring was trying at times! :D

My beautiful mom. :)

At Las Iguanas. This was the first time they met Thomas and got to know a little bit about him. Great moments.

This is the place where Ridley and others were burned at the stake. I told my dad to act like he was burning. This is what he came up with. :) Love him!

mom and dad enjoying a lovely Oxford afternoon in Christ Church Meadows.

My parents visit was precious to me. They were able to make it to the KBC graduation and it meant so much having them there. It was precious to have them meet people I had grown to love, and see places where I had spent my time. They were able to make it to West Church in Baskingstoke, where i had my church placement, and were able to meet the pastor there and people in the church. I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did!

God did so much in me in that year that i can't begin to unpack it here. There are things He started in me that will take years to complete. He opened my eyes to who I am in Him. He showed me His unconditional love, not only for me, but for even those who don't want anything to do with Him. He shared with me His eyes for people.

Although I'm back in Pittsburg, I know the Big Adventure isn't over. Its only just begun.