Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bringing the culture back...

Lou might kill me if she knows this is on here. Shhh..don't tell her.
This is a friend of Lou's from Uni. We introduced her to a little African culture.

We were very pleased with ourselves, but it didn't compare to what we had been fed.
It was still alright though.

Our nice set up.

Preparing dinner...

We arrived in Oxford around five or six in the evening. My roommate and I took showers then headed straight to Co-op to buy some food for the next few days.

We were having company that night and we wanted to give them a little taste of Morocco.

We made some veggies and couscous and placed it in a tagine dish that Lou bought.

Also, we bought some fresh mint leaves we we could attempt to make some mint tea in my new tea pot and glass tea cups.

We showed them how to make a ball with the couscous and how to flick it into your mouth. Its quite messy and sometimes unattractive. :)

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