Thursday, January 14, 2010

Its off to Wales we go..

Hello All!

I don't have much time, but I thought I'd let everyone know I'll be gone this weekend. We are due to leave at 5:00 PM and I'm not even packed yet! I'm such a procrastinator!

I feel like I've mentioned it already a lot, but just so no one is confused, the year group is going to Wales this weekend. We are going to be hiking and doing some physically and mentally straining exercises. We've had a lot of build up for it this past week, so its good to finally have it here.

Personally, I'm pumped about it. I started out really leery about it, just worried about everything that could possibly go wrong, but now that is here, I'm really looking forward to it. I think its going to be trying, physically and mentally, but there will also be some really good relational connections made and a lot of time being surrounded by God's beautiful creation.

Good times!

This past week has been a little different compared to last week. We've had Dave Perry as our lecturer. He is full-time at the college and he does a lot of lectures throughout the year. I listened to him quite a bit when I was listening to lectures back home, so it's been great actually being here for one of his lectures. He was actually filling in. We were supposed to have Mike Beaumont (sp?), but the poor guy has had laryngitis for the past month.

Dave spoke about Genesis, particularly chapters 1-3. He spoke on Monday and Wednesday and both days we ended with debates. Well, maybe not debates, but questions that no one really knows the answer to, but everyone has a different opinion on. Such topics were, "Did God create evil?" and "Is the Creation chapter literal 24 hr days, or is it supposed to be taken more figuratively?" It was really great to just have everyone talking things though, searching scriptures and wrestling with it. I don't think we ever came to a conclusion on either subjects, but I think that is a good thing.....

On Tuesday, Mary Hippsley (sp?) spoke about identity. We had an assignment last week to "world watch" about how the world views identity and where you get your identity. She then took that and basically flipped to how God views us and how we find our identity in Him. This was actually a really good day for everyone.

We also got a communal assignment this past week. A communal assignment is one we have to do as a year group. We have to perform the story of the Old Testament in a play. We are doing this on Feb 12th. This was also really great to see the year group work together, appoint leaders, and leave room for each other's ideas.

Another thing, I was on coffee and teas this week. All this means, is that at 10:25 AM a few of us slip out of lectures a couple minutes early to get everything ready for coffee break and we serve the rest of the group. I was actually thankful for a chance to get in there and help serve the people here.

Yesterday afternoon my bio group met for the first time and I can already tell I'm really going to enjoy this! Bio groups are new this term and basically its just a group of three people who meet once a week (at least) to just share what they're struggling with, pray together, and reflect on the Bible. I have Lucy and Kass in my group. I'll be sure to take a picture one time so you can put a face to the names.

This week has been really good too as a house, we've had more dinners together, more cooking together, and even a little bit of dancing. :)

Well, I really should go pack!! I'll really try to take a few pictures of Wales for you!
Please pray for us if you get the chance. Everyone is dealing with Wales a bit different. Some are looking forward to it and some are a bit more anxious. We also have a very wide age range of students. We range from 18-60 somethings. There are also some with families and hiking three girls under the age of 10 can be a bit difficult. If you think about it, could you please pray everyone would feel God's peace and that everyone would meet God this weekend.


Be back Monday!


  1. WOOHOO for fun trips! I'll be praying for you. Be safe. Love you! ebt

  2. We'll be praying for your trip. Have a great time! Also, what is a "year group"?

  3. OK, we will pray! Have a GREAT trip! Love you!

  4. So, you're bustin a move eh? Are you showing them your favorite move, I can't remember what you call it, but it's cute/funny!
    We'll definitely be praying. Glad you are getting to experience growth and stretching from different avenues. It's nice that not everything is kept in a classroom too! love you!

  5. Sarah: The year group is the all the KBC students this year... So everyone..
    Mom: My favorite move? Ha.. i'm not even sure what it is..but i'm sure i do it amazingly ;) OH! is it the one where I swing my one arm up and down and kind of shimmy in a circle?? ha.. love you!

  6. Yep, that's the one! Gotta love it when you get down with your bad self!