Sunday, January 10, 2010

The weekend..

Good afternoon everyone!

My mom's been asking for some more blog posts, but i'm sorry to say that not much has happened that is considered post-worthy.

Friday we didn't have classes at the college, which I think that happens pretty regularly.

Also, its still really snowy here, so my church placement group couldn't make it to church today. So it has just been a long, free, relaxing weekend.

Thursday was a long day though, so it was nice to have a day to relax after wards. Everyone had to bring their kit stuff in on Thursday so that Rachel could check to make sure we have everything for next weekend. I'm not sure if i've mentioned it, but the college is going to Wales on Thursday of next week. We are doing hiking, caving, kayaking, and the like. Also, its very snowy and wet there, so we all have to bring these humongous bags, sleeping backs, warm dry clothes, utensils, flashlights, and other intense hiking gear. We were going to have to carry these all the way into school, but thankfully, George and Andy said they could come and pick up our bags and the boy's bags and drive them to school. We had to walk in the snow again to school, but at least we didn't have our bags and it was actually pretty fun. On the way to school, we walk past a big field, but that day, we decided to wade through it instead of walking around it. So, we waded through knee-high snow just for the fun of it.

After classes, I had a meeting with Rachel just to go through the handbooks and get shown around the library. I was going to walk into town by myself to get some last minute things for Wales, but Tom was still in the library when I was leaving and he needed stuff for Wales too, so we walked into town together. It was nice to have someone who knows the town with me, because it gets dark really early here and we still had to walk all the way back home. We went into Millets and Blacks which are both out-doorsy type stores. Then we went to Sainsbury and Boots to grab a few other things. We dropped in to Starbucks to refuel before we started our long trek home. We had a great time making fun of the way each other talks and impersonating each other's accents. But of course we all know, I'm the one without the accent. :)

I made it home around 6:30ish. Andy and George were over at my house and Lydia was cooking dinner. I ran upstairs to drop my stuff off, okay, I lied. I was too tired to even go up stairs, so i just dropped everything off at the bottom of the stairs, went into the living room, and plopped myself down on the couch. We had dinner, cleaned up, played some cards, and I took a bath to soak my aching feet.

Friday was a stay-at-home day. The girls went into town and into the college. I stayed home with Steven and Loralie. We didn't do much that day, but it was nice to have a lie in. Oh, that reminds me, one thing i find humorous about how they talk here, is when they change verbs to be nouns. Like this, "I need to have a think about that." or, "It's time to have a sing." So, that "lie in" bit was just something i picked up. Friday evening though, we had movie night at our house. We had about four movies to pick from, but it was pretty evident that everyone wanted to watch The Prestige. The only problem was, is that it was a bluray and we were watching it on the projector, so it wouldn't have worked. We decided to watch The Constant Gardener instead, and we would watch The Prestige the next night at the guy's house because they have the HD tv and the Bluray player.

The Constant Gardener was a terrible movie in my opinion. After the movie, we had a think about it, listened to music, and told funny stories.

Saturday was pretty much the same as Friday. Everyone had a late morning. We gathered around the table to enjoy breakfast together. We played more cards then decided we wanted to go play in the snow. We have a park right around the corner, so we all got bundled up and went outside. We played Frisbee with a white frisbee.... in the snow... white...yeah.. anyway. We had some of our neighbors join us so they played a quick game of rugby. Then we played on the teeter-totter, by the way, I forgot how much I LOVED those, and we finished it off with a nice, competitive game of football, well, soccer.

We went home, warmed up, ate dinner, then headed over to 88 to watch the Prestige. That is such a good movie! I love watching it with people who haven't watched it and just seeing the confused looks on their faces. After the Prestige, we popped in Inglorious Bastards. After the movies, Lydia and I were walked home.

This morning should've been church, but like I mentioned before, we couldn't make it. I'm pretty bummed about that, just because I haven't made it to my church placement since I've been here, and I won't be able to make it next week either because we will be in Wales.

Anyway. Its 1:50 pm here and my house is empty besides Loralie and Dalia. I'm not sure what the rest of the day holds, but for now, I think I'll go and play with the baby!
Love you all!


  1. Thanks for the post. I am very glad you did not walk hom ein the dark! Do you have everything you need for the trip? Waas there anything rulewise in the handbook youdidn't know about (like no noserings?!?!?)That would be funny! How are your relationships going with the girls? Are you finding your groove? Thanks for the daily look into your life, I love it, no matter how mundane it must seem to you at times! love you, Mom

  2. yeah, the girls and I are doing great! Lou has a lot of friends outside of Collge and so shes gone alot.. and lydia has a lot of responsibility at the school..she is like the "student rep". But we have these new groups we started called "bio groups" and its groups of three ppl who are supposed to get together and hang out and just learn about each other and share whats going on and such, and my group is Lucy and Kass and I'm really excited about another chance to get to know some ppl better..

  3. I tell my students to "have a sit down" b/c I heard it a long time ago from someone who lived in Wales.

  4. Ok, I sort of figured it out...I'm not sure what I did, but here I am. So what I said before...thanks for sharing. We are regular readers. We love the writing, we love the stories, we love the pictures. Please keep them coming and don't be stingy, it really does help us feel like we are a part of what is going on in your life.

  5. I just caught up on your blog posts, I actually have internet access today! I love reading about all of your new experiences! It was lovely chatting with you on the phone this weekend, somehow it made me feel closer to you. I hope you are doing well, I can't wait to see you in February!!! I've been praying for you everytime I think about you, which was a lot this weekend. London was great, but I wish I would have seen you.