Monday, March 15, 2010

Instant Messages

Slacking.. I know. And this blog is going to be about nothing much. But hey, its an update!

I just wanted to say, I LOVE technology!

Any messages I send my mom on facebook or through gmail go directly to her phone. Which is perfect! Because anytime I really need her encouragement, her whereabouts, or her recipes, I can send her a quick message, and I know wherever she is, whether shes hard at work in her cute office, or sun bathing on the beach without me, she can reply and I'll receive it within a few minutes.

This wonderful "fast-feedback" happened again the other day with another good friend of mine. It helps when I'm being dramatic and worrying about stuff i don't need to be, and someone is there to calm you down and get you back on the right track, even through instant facebook messages.

Immediate results.

Just what I need when I feel completely removed from the ones I love.


  1. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for updating! I know you think it's nothing, but to me it is SOMETHING and a little SOMETHING is better than a lot of NOTHING!!!! It's like a surprise gift I get to open every time I see a new post and get to see what you are thinking, doing or feeling, so PLEASE keep them coming as often as you can!
    I enjoyed talking to you via messaging today and on skype! I love the positive things about modern technology. It's pretty awesome. For me, if it weren't for phones that can text, email and forward important documents, I wouldn't be able to work in my field. I would have to be at the office all day, which in my case would mean I wouldn't be able to do it, so woot woot for techie advances!
    Love you, have a great week!
    BTW, you have plenty to post about, like the stuff you told me about the name tags, and what you preached on, and how you guys tag team, etc, all those things that just seem like an "assignment" to you or part of your curriculum, are all very interesting and we would love to hear details! Love you bunches, Mom

  2. I second your Mom. You have a lot to fill us in on. Hope you can find a few minutes out of your busy schedule to write. All of us love it when you do.

  3. Here, here! I agree! It's something to us even though you feel like it's nothing. LOVE YOU! What did you preach on and how did it go?

  4. Michelle: Rachel and I preached on the Kingdom of God, which is obviously a massive subject, but we basically focused on Promises God gives us if we live in the grind of Kingdom life. And how we can and should hold on to those promises throughout life's difficulties. It went really well I think. People responded and were really thankful we shared what we did. I'm not for sure how a preacher determines whether or not his preach was "good" or not, But i think it went alright!