Sunday, February 28, 2010

Canada vs USA

I have never been so into men's hockey in my entire life!

I came home from church placement today to see my house decked with Canadian flags, Steven
and Loralie and three other Canadians wearing Canadian attire, and even some red and white desserts. All ready to watch Canada beat USA.........

I had to represent.

So I watched the intense game projected on the wall with about eighteen others filling my lounge.

Intense is an understatement.

At one point the BBC internet we were watching the game from kept freezing up so we could only hear what was happening through the annoying commentators. So, when USA scored in the last 34 seconds of the game I had to ask someone if that really happened and when they said yes, I jumped and screeched and clapped.

I don't even like hockey.

Don't ask what came over me. The feeling didn't last long though....

As most of you probably know, USA lost.

It was good times though :)


  1. Sounds like a good time! Way to represent. :) You are too funny, Aeriole. Love you!

  2. Kerri- Our whole year group is split up into threes and fours and we all go to different churches in oxford and surrounding cites. So Basingstoke is my church placement..

  3. I know how you feel. I have never even watched a hockey game, but I watched yesterday in between napping, and awoke to the commentators screaming that Canada won. I was disappointed. Poor USA team.

  4. Hey girl, I was just catching up. I love Josie's wisdom. I feel like that is what God is trying to work in me and wishing I'd 'got it' at your age. We did a spontaneous weekend out of town two weeks ago that wasn't all planned out. It was quite enjoyable and has given me some fresh perspective on each new day. Continue to enjoy, we know God is doing great things in you. Our google account says 'Dennis says' but it's Amy

  5. haha Amy, I was reading that thinking it was MY Dennis, and was wondering what this spontaneous weekend was "he" was talking about. So funny.