Sunday, December 27, 2009

Downtown Oxford

Good evening all,

Today and yesterday have been "lazy days". We haven't done much, but at least once a day we go out and walk around. Yesterday Steven took me for a tour around our neighborhood. In our neighborhood there are about five houses that are filled with KBC students or faculty. Its nice to be living so close to people you know! We also went down a private lane just so we could see the pretty, bigger houses. We saw the "PRIVATE" sign, but we just went ahead and wandered in anyway. Our cover if we got stopped by the police or anything was to say we couldn't read english. Here is where we got our inspiration: A little British humor for you: (click on the link below)

Yesterday, when we weren't out walking, I tried to get caught up on lectures. There is still one week, the last week before Christmas break, that I haven't listened to. Also, I was trying to finish one of the assigned books, The Holy Wild. I finished it today, and I would recommend it! :)
Our nights are filled with playing Shed, which we have to set a limit to because we'd play all night if we didn't have a limit. And we usually finish the night with a movie. Last night was an older movie with Robin Williams and Robert De Niro called "Awakenings". It was a good/sad movie. We picked it because we thought it was supposed to be a "feel good" movie, but it didn't make us feel so good... :(

Today we went on a walk through down town Oxford. We went to the Ashmolean Museum, pictured below.

The Ashmolean Museum was the first museum in Britain. Also, there is so much to see and entrance is free! So we only went to about two floors and we'll hit the rest of it on a later date.

I didn't take many pictures inside the museum, but the first room was filled with sculptures and the picture above was one of my favorites.

What I love about Oxford is it just seems to be exploding with character. Maybe its because everything is so old and there is so much history behind it, but I just really enjoy walking through the town and seeing everything and all the architecture.
Below are a few other pictures I took of around the city:

This is the famous Mcdonalds Randolph Hotel. Very grand on the outside, never caught a glimpse of the inside
Um, not really sure what this is, but its pretty!
Little houses.. such character eh?! (theres a little Canadian for you guys)

This is a square in Gloucester Green. There was a Cafe Nero where we stopped in. Also, there was a Ben and Jerrys and an Odeon cinema. There were other stores too, but those were the ones remember.

Here is my Cafe Mocha (which was AMMMMMAAAZING) and my almond biscotti from Cafe Nero. After we left the cafe, we ran to catch the bus. We made it on even though the bus driver was a little irritated, but oh well. We are now home and we're putting the baby down to sleep. Soon it will be time to eat dinner and to chill out for the rest of the night!
Enjoy your day everyone!

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  1. Great photos! What foods do you eat there that are different from here?

  2. Well, during Christmas dinner we had sprouts, which are pretty English i heard. And they are an acquired taste.. Also we had parsnips, which just tasted like sweet potatoes.. There are crumpets, we have those around the house. They are kind of like english muffins and spongy.. ha. but actually good! I had some cheese with apricots in it, that was different.. There is probably more, but thats all i can think of for now..

  3. Great Pictures. The coffee looks Amazing!

  4. It was probably the best cafe mocha i've had, but then again, i don't usually get cafe mochas, so maybe i just forgot what they tasted like. but the barista make it run down the side of the cup, and she was like, i'll make you a new one, but it looked so good that I told her it wasn't a big deal, and just took it. ha. long story short, yes, it was delicious.

  5. Loving the details and pics! Looks like an amazing place!

  6. Aeriole- the picture that you didn't know what it was is actually a monument. There were several famous martyrs that were killed for their faith at that spot. Unfortunately, I cannot remember who it was at the moment. We went there during our in Oxford and Dave was able to tell us about it. I'm loving reading about all of your English adventures! Keep the blog coming :)

  7. THanks Nicole! it probably wouldn't helped if we had some sort of guide! Ha, but once when I was at the city centre, we stopped at that spot in the middle of the road where some one was burned at the stake. And isnt' it such a surreal feeling? walking where so many martyrs of our faith have walked and died? I think it is....

  8. oops..i meant would've.. not wouldn't.. sorry

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