Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jane and Nigel

Today was an earlier start. Nine o'clock. I'm trying to work my way down to seven, but hey, its the holidays!
Today we had some visitors from down the road. Jane and Nigel Perrott. They are married and both students at KBC. They told me today that they were part of the "older people group." But they are so fun you wouldn't even know! :) I think I'll probably go to coffee with them sometimes because they are more coffee drinkers then tea drinkers. THANK YOU JESUS! They came over and we had teas, hot chocolates, an assortment of breads and cheeses, grapes, and some Christmas cake.
We got the pleasure of hearing a little bit of their background, how they met, and what brought them to KBC. I love hearing stories of how people became saved and what their dreams and aspirations in God are so it was lovely to get to know the Perrotts a bit today. :)

Steven and Loralie went to a meeting at the college today and so I'm at the moment watching their baby Dalia. Don't worry, I didn't leave her unattended. She is currently climbing on my legs trying to get a hold of my computer. :)
Im not sure what the rest of the night holds, its always a surprise. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I don't even know what I'm doing for that! OH well, something will happen!

I took a few more pictures of the house and a few of Dalia so you could see how adorable she is!

here she is! she loves that ball apparently!

this was tricky, i had to get on the floor with her, but it was fun. we stayed down there and played for awhile..

This is the dining room. Pretty self explanatory..

Our kitchen. Don't worry, I did those dishes before I started blogging..

This is our living room..



  1. She is adorable! Look at those lovely blue eyes! It looks like you two have already become fast friends. :)

  2. LOVING the updates and pics! Keep them coming! Enjoy, dear! And Merry Christmas Eve/Day!

  3. so is that a clothes washer in your kitchen?
    this is stephanie btw. i cant figure out how to put my name on here, so all my comments are anonymous

  4. ha.. anonymous..cheeky :) yes.. thats a washing machine right beside our fridge! i guess i'd rather wash my dishes by hand rather then all my clothes by hand! love you :D

  5. cheeky?!
    you're gonna come back SOOOO friggen british!
    cant wait!
    and i love you tooo and miss you lots!

  6. ha ha agreed, i'm going to try to pick up as much as i can, just so you can make fun of me even more! ;) ha love you too sweetcakes!