Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Very English Christmas

I trust everyone had an enjoyable Christmas! Mine sure was enjoyable! We all gathered at the Elmitts' for Christmas lunch. Eileen made a wonderful Christmas lunch. It consisted of turkey, roasted potatoes, bread sauce, sprouts, parsnips, cranberry sauce, and sausage. I tried it all, being the adventurer I am, and I liked it all! Surprise surprise..ha.

This is Loralie sitting at the table where we feasted. Those shiny things on the place mats were very fun! You and another person pull from both ends and it pops and comes apart. Then inside is a joke, a little toy, and a paper hat. So everyone opened theirs and put on their hats. It was the first time I had eaten a Christmas dinner with a paper hat on. :) Sorry I didn't get a picture..

After lunch, my family called on skype. I was placed on my living room floor where I could watch them all open presents. It was wonderful and I loved every moment of it. Especially when they all forgot about me and their backs and behinds were facing the webcam, that was awesome. :P So I talked to them for about an hour.

Eileen, Ruth, and Paul

After skyping it up, everyone gathered in the living room where we enjoyed "pudding" and opened presents. Here is Dalia opening her gift from the Elmitts. It was a set of four rubber duckies, which she thoroughly enjoyed!

This is Loralie and Steven. Aren't they cute? Ha, they are sweet and I've enjoyed spending this last week with them and i'm looking forward to all the good times we will be having together. :)

After presents we just enjoyed each others company. Steven and Loralie had made some eggnog because they don't sell it here and it was a big hit! Everyone really enjoyed it, as did I! Paul and Ruth were there too, and the Elmitts' other daughter and her son, Sarah and Tom, showed up later too. I got the chance to talk to them for a little bit and they were asking me how I heard about KBC and if I knew anyone else around Europe. Tom and Sarah are both youth pastors in Manchester and they invited me to come up sometime, to stay in their extra bedroom, and to connect with some people in Manchester. I thought that was really sweet of them to invite me like that. I would like to do something like that, but we'll see if I get that chance sometime.

Today is boxing day. I have never heard of this and Steven was shocked I hadn't. Is this something that's in the states too and I just somehow managed to never hear about it?
Anyway, today is a lazy day. We are all just hanging out. We rented a movie for tonight. We borrowed the projector from the college so we've set it up to where it projects on our wall and we watch movies that way. Its quite nice! We might possibly go on a walk, but it is the sabbath, so that might be too much work for today. :)
Anywhoooooo, everyone enjoy your saturday!

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  1. How fun! So boxing is a pretty big sport there I'm assuming! I am SO very thankful for modern technology; the ability to skype is awesome! We had another day of just being LAZY!!! We were going to go to SDC, but the weather kept us home. Love you!

  2. no no no, boxing day is the day after Christmas where they have all their huge sales, like the day after thanksgiving for us. But apparently they call it boxing day because of all the boxes from Christmas day? yeah..i thought it was interesting.

  3. They had some of those silver things on the Christmas tree the other night...I don't remember there being jokes in them but there were paper hats! Emily and I pulled one apart...I think it was a dud though. Glad you are having such a great time! I hope this comment posts this time! (I don't think this sight likes me)ARGH!

  4. you're comment posted..whoop whoop.. yeah..most of those silver things were duds. which is weird..only a few actually worked, but yeah, if you didn't have the jokes you weren't missing much, they were all quite lame.

  5. Actually boxing day was the day all the maids and servant's got to open their "boxes" aka gifts since they had to work on Christmas day. I'm surprised you'd never heard of it before. We do not celebrate it in the states. Thanks for posting Aeriole. I randomly found your blog and am pleased I did. Miss you!
    -Kerri B.

  6. Canadians celebrate Boxing Day too. :) And the paper crowns... they're great! :) Sounds like a wonderful Christmas.

  7. I've always seen it on calendars, but never researched it to find out what it is. Funny!

  8. Boxing Day is today. It occurs on the Monday following Christmas if Christmas falls on a weekend. Just a little heads up. : )

  9. NOt here, boxing day was the very next day after Christmas..