Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Day two: (I'm sure I'll come up with more witty headings when I get the hang of this blogging thing.)

Lets see.. I woke up pretty late this afternoon. I think I'm still on Pittsburg time though because I couldn't get to sleep last night, or this morning i guess, until around four in the morning. So when my alarm went off at 8 to get up, i quickly thought that was "rubbish" and turned it off!
When I finally woke up there were people in my house! Of course! i should've known! Lydia, one of my housemates, had come back and she had a friend come over. So we chatted for awhile and had some toast. I got ready for my day, had a another friend come over to sort out some confusion. Last night I had agreed to go to some "gig" but on by one of the girl's brother. So this morning I get a text about the arrangements for this concert, but apparently someone else was supposed to invite me for dinner the night before and was expecting me in just a few hours.
If i had decided to go to the concert they would've needed to get another car, so I decided to make it easy on them and to go to dinner with Rachel and Marjorie ( i might be totally misspelling her name, its French, just pronounce it French-y).
The three of us drove to Witney, hence my title, where the Haines live. The Haines are Phil and Hannah, both students. I think. Actually, now that I think about it, Im not sure if Hannah is, but I know that Phil is. I think Hannah is a student though. ANYWAY, they have an adorable little girl named Bethany.
Hannah made dinner, which was delicious! I never caught the name, but it was very English. It consisted of rice, meat, vegetables, cheese, all the good stuff. After dinner we had pudding and custard. Of course i was imagining chocolate pudding and some frozen custard. Well, the custard came out first and it was steaming. So i asked, "what is that?" and they replied, "custard". I said, "Whats custard here? Because where I come from, custard is cold." So we had a whole conversation learning about each other's custards. Very enlightening I must say! Then came the pudding, which isn't even pudding at all. Apparently here, the term "pudding" means dessert of any kind! So, the pudding was actually some apple streusel thing! SUPER delicious!
After dinner we had a time of conversation and I found out that they love Friends, Prison Break, the Simpsons, Heroes, all the tv shows at home are super big here. I asked if they liked The Office and they said yes. Then asked if I watch the British Office or the American Office, the made sure to inform me that Britain was the first to come up with the show The Office. :D
Even though Rachel was worried about driving back in the snow, well, it was actually a very light flurry where I come from, we proceeded to play a game of Friends Scene It. I lost terribly, but it was fun entertainment for me!
Shortly after Rachel, Marjorie, and I headed back home. Marjorie is staying in my house tonight because she flies back to France for the Holidays tomorrow morning. When we arrived home, guess what!? You guessed it! More people were there! All the people who I was going to go to the "gig" with were there. Apparently it was too snowy in London, so they had to turn back. :( But it was lovely to see them all at my house though! I got the chance to again, meet some more people! The table was filled with Indian food, but I gladly refrained when one of the guys mentioned his throat being on fire. We chatted for a bit then we turned on Meet the Parents. :D
Now everyone is gone, and I'm thinking about going to bed, but I wanted to let everyone in on a little of my day. :)


  1. Also, its late and I'm tired, so my apologies for all the grammatical errors! Please bear with me..

  2. LOVE IT- thanks for the update. So, what was custard though, was the texture like that of flan only warm? Love you, Mom

  3. Custard, basically it was like butter, sugar, milk. warmed up.. it was good, but something you put on top of dessert.. interesting, but good!

  4. Yes, the British The Office came first... and we basically ripped it off from them. :/ I have seen it! It's also a lot more crude, but then again, we have quite different entertainment standards. Where we consider some violence to be okay, they consider sexuality to be okay... so it just takes some getting used to, I think. :)

  5. yeah, i haven't gotten the chance to watch it and with that comment i think i'll pass!