Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fun Times:

Here are a few pictures I took and edited this week:

This is on the way to the Sycamore house. I've been there about three times and I never noticed this door! The hedge surrounding it is probably ten feet high and its really long, but I was shocked when I noticed it because I had passed by it every other time. I thought it was cool anyway though...

This guys was balancing on a rope and playing the violen. At one point he was walkign up and down the rope. Uber impressive!

Flowers and a wedding dress! Bex brought me her wedding dress today to use for an assignment we're doing and she brought me flowers too! It was a wonderful surpise that makes me smile. :)

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  1. God told her to get you flowers since all I could do was think about getting you some yesterday! AWESOME!

  2. Gorgeous flowers at that. I love flowers, even dying flowers. I miss you.

  3. LOVE that door. Very cool. That guy has some guts playing on a rope like that! Thanks for sharing! Love you!