Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This is for Michelle

Stop all the withdrawals! :P ha ha... I wish I had something awesome-ing-ly exciting to tell you..
but alas..
there isn't anything.

On a sad note though, Ellen left this morning. We both woke up at 5:30, got ready in half an hour, and rushed to the bus stop to catch the bus at 6:26 precisely. We caught the 4C and we headed into town to walk to Gloucester Green Square to buy Ellen's bus ticket from Oxford to Heathrow.
She left at 7 A.M. I stayed around for a couple minutes as she sat on the bus, then waved one final time and walked around the corner.

Classes don't start until 9 A.M. and town is only a 15-minute walk from the KBCTC center, so there was no way I was going to go all the way back home to then have to walk 45 minutes back for classes. So I stayed in town. I walked around an open market for a few minutes, enjoyed watching the town wake up for the morning, and enjoyed a nice espresso frap to wake myself up for the morning. Sat around Starbucks for awhile, then did a little window shopping.

Started my walk to college at about half eight....

Thats really it so far. My life is pretty simple, yet so complicated. God is really working some things inside of me. Some foundational things..
All the tough, tough, tough, yet, good, good, good, things.
I feel like I'm just rambling now.
I love you Michelle and I wanted to write a blog for you letting you know what i was up to, no matter how mundane it was. :D


  1. Not mundane at all, I think it's the whole fact that you are somewhere completely different, that simple things like sitting and drinking a cup of coffee and then walking to school sounds SO exciting! I do enjoy being out before the city wakes up, we did that in Madrid before we attempted to leave, and there is a peace about it.
    How was the conference? Were you able to sit in on the meetings?
    I bet it was pretty powerful. We would love to hear details about all the chaaaaaaaaanging! Love you

  2. I love hearing about ANYTHING you want to tell about. Nothing mundane about it. Love you, A. It is always good to hear from you!

  3. Oh, Aeriole! This made me smile the whole time I read it! To think it was for ME! Woo Hoo! I agree with your's not mundane...we just like being there with you in our minds as we imagine what you are doing while you describe it. AND, YES, we would love to hear the good God changes that you are experiencing. I love you, and thanks again! Maybe the next post can be a glimpse of what is happening on the inside of you? Hugs...M

  4. "about half eight...." Isn't that supposed to describe something that you didn't finish eating? You're so British now.

  5. Aeriole, Ellen told me about the word you had for her. I didn't realize it was a "test" run for you in the whole prophecy thing. You go girl!! Now God can give you words for your other friends.
    It is great to read everything going on with you, even if I don't comment often. I am like Michelle, it is like sharing your experience.